A Partnership Made for People with Diabetes

novoblogfeatureToday (1/9/2017) we announced a formal (non-exclusive) relationship with Novo Nordisk. Over the last few years Glooko and Novo have been talking about the things we could do together to go “beyond the pill” to enable people with diabetes (PWD) with the information they need to stay adherent to their care plan, take their insulin and really understand what’s going on with their diabetes.

After hundreds of hours of planning and working to drive real value for people with diabetes, we are proud to say that we are partnering with Novo across these key areas:

  1. Digital Health for all Novo patients – We are thrilled to be working on the next generation digital health mobile app together with Novo. It will be based on Glooko, but will include some ‘special’ features we create together.
  2. Content delivered right to the patient’s pocket – Novo’s experts have created an enormous amount of content designed to help PWD understand all aspects of both the disease and how to care for themselves. We will be bringing that data to the pocket of everyone on Novo products – pretty cool.
  3. Unique insulin dosing management – Glooko has been working on an exciting extension to our app for insulin dosing optimization – this new capability will be something made available to Novo patients.
  4. Clinical studies – Novo is always striving to create products that provide the best overall outcomes to PWD, together we will run studies that show the value of our combined offerings.
  5. More – And there’s more – some of which we can’t talk about now….we will keep everyone posted.

It’s been fantastic to work with a partner like Novo, because from day one, we both had the same focus. Our focus has always been people with diabetes and as we work together to deliver these solutions to the market – PWD will continue to be our focus. Our goal – make it easier, faster, safer and more efficient to manage this disease.

We look forward to delivering these solutions in 2017!
Stay tuned!

Robin Beadle