The Glooko and Diasend Integration

It’s been a few months since Glooko and Diasend announced our merger and since then, we’ve been hard at work combining the two companies, our products, teams and processes!  Here’s an update on our progress so far.

  • Product.  It made a lot of sense for Glooko and Diasend to come together, since our respective products offer many similar benefits.  Our Product team has been diligently working to combine the best features of both products into one – the task of merging similar (but different) products is quite complex!  Data architecture, data mapping, support for additional diabetes devices, determining new features to add and many other considerations are being researched and deliberated with the goal of creating the best possible product for our users.  Of course we are consulting our users on the topic as well. The product will be integrated over several phases, with the first phase to be introduced in the first half of this year!  
  • Teams.  All of our functional teams, from Engineering and Regulatory to Sales and Marketing, have been spending lots of time with our counterparts to learn from each other, determine our roles and responsibilities and collaborate on projects.  Most recently, our Customer Success team had a Customer Success Summit in December to cross-train on our products and crystallize a joint support plan.  We are especially proud that as part of the merger, all positions at both Glooko and Diasend will remain – you can see all our smiling faces on our Team page!
  • Processes.  Since we became one company, we’ve been bringing all our processes together so that we operate as one company!  Accounting processes, regulatory processes, HR processes – anything we do as a company, we have been thinking through, streamlining and making global.  That has required some (or many!) early morning calls in the US and late evening calls in Sweden but the entire team has been very accommodating with their schedules to accomplish this important task.

Having personally been through several mergers, I know that they require a lot of resources, time and energy, and sometimes mergers are not happy events due to culture conflicts, layoffs or other reasons.  Though the Glooko and Diasend merger is no different in the level of effort required, what is different is our teams are truly happy to be a joint family.  We are excited about coming together to achieve our mission of making diabetes management easier!