Meet the Dale Tribe!

World Diabetes Day is always a reminder to recognize the strength and perseverance of people with diabetes (and the people who care for them!).  This year, Glooko is proud to sponsor a video about a day in the life of someone with diabetes with the Dale Tribe!  The Dales are a family of six and their youngest daughter Aspen has Type 1 diabetes.  Aspen uses an Omnipod® System pump, a Dexcom CGM and Glooko to help manage her diabetes – her bravery and maturity is so impressive, and so is the support she gets from her family every day.  We did an interview with the Dale Tribe to learn more about them – here’s what they had to say!

Glooko: Why did you decide to start a YouTube channel? 
Dale Tribe: We started a YouTube channel as a way to keep memories of our family as the kids grow older. We also wanted to be more deliberate about the way we live and what we do. We thought that filming our life might help us do that…and it definitely has.

G: What are your favorite parts about having a YouTube channel?
DT: Our favorite things about having a YouTube channel are the fun we get to look back on and also the amazing community we have built in our tribe. The tribe is an amazing and inspiring group of people that we have loved getting to be surrounded by online.

G:  Why did your family decide to start using Glooko?
DT: Our family started using Glooko because Aspen started using an Omnipod® System and the team at the Barbara Davis Center in Denver wanted to have access to Aspen’s numbers remotely.

G:  What is your family’s favorite Glooko feature?
DT: We love being able to look at graphs of Aspen’s BG (blood glucose) patterns. It is so helpful to see trends because that helps us to make decisions about when and how she needs to have her insulin dosing adjusted.

G:  How does your family and Aspen’s doctor use data to make treatment decisions?
DT: We love that Glooko brings all the data from her Dexcom and Omnipod® System together in one place and we can look at the info together and clearly see what areas might be trouble areas. And we love the way it makes it so much easier for us and her medical team to be on the same page.

G:  What advice do you have for other families who have kids with diabetes/people with diabetes?
DT: Our advice for other people living with diabetes would be to choose joy over fear. Instead of living a life ruled by fear, replace it with joy and live life to the fullest! Also the more tools you have the easier your life can become. For us, things like the Omnipod® System, Glooko, and the Dexcom have helped us and made our lives much easier.

Check out the video to see the first hand story of the amazing Dale family and how they support their adorable daughter in managing her Type 1 diabetes. what it’s like to live with T1D!  

P.S. – Glooko is free for Omnipod® System users!  Find out more here.