Glooko and Diasend Join Forces to Make Diabetes Management Easier!

Today is a very exciting day for the Glooko team!  Today, at the EASD conference in Munich Germany, we announced our merger with Diasend (read our Press Release).  We are thrilled to be joining forces with Diasend.  When we started talking about our common missions to make it easier for people with diabetes and the teams that care for them, we knew we could scale and reach this mission on a global basis faster – TOGETHER!  Coming together means we’re able to combine our resources, talent, regional experience and product know-how to this mission we both hold so dear.

As a joint company, we will unite under the Glooko name and have compatibility with more than 160 different devices, including glucose meters, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and activity trackers, covering 95% of the diabetes devices used worldwide.

I personally could not be more excited to be part of this new combined company.  Having worked in diabetes for quite a few years, I’m very familiar with Diasend and have been impressed with how they’ve helped thousands of clinics worldwide download diabetes devices and draw insights from the data.  I’ve also gotten the chance to meet and work with some of the Diasend team and have been happy to discover every person has been talented, passionate about helping people with diabetes and their care teams and overall nice people!  I know that by coming together, we’ll be able to bring exceptional products to patients and clinicians worldwide.

I asked some of my co-workers (new and old!) about their thoughts on the merger – here’s what they said:

Why are you excited about this merger?


Richard Lauritis (President, Diasend US): “I’m super excited for this merger. After living with diabetes for 22 years, I feel that we finally are close to a diabetes data revolution. I’m confident a key to better management of diabetes hides in historic data. Glooko and Diasend merging opens up for superior pattern recognition and universal data aggregation.”



Sebastian Persson (Global Marketing Director, Diasend): “It’s an optimal fit between two very driven and innovative companies, coming together with a shared vision. I’m very excited about the potential that will come out of essentially doubling our resources over night. Great things ahead!”



Thomas Jansson (R&D Director, Diasend): “To me, what is most exciting in this merger is the addition of a lot of software developers & QA team members with knowledge about the diabetes technology industry. We have all been trying to solve the same things in different ways and our joint knowledge will definitely mean good things [for PWDs and their care teams].”

I walked around the office here in Mountain View and asked the team some of the same questions – here’s how the Glooko team chimed in.


Michelle deHaaff (VP of Marketing & Customer Success, Glooko): “Together we are able to provide value to people with diabetes and care teams around the world. Under a common mission, each company not only brings strong dedicated teams, but also expertise in mobile app development, diabetes device integration, global regulatory systems, global sales and marketing and more. This expertise will truly enable us to serve this market faster and at scale.”



Makenzie Wells (Director of Customer Success, Glooko): “The merger allows us to grow our team with folks who have 10 years of experience in the industry and a successful product offering for patients, clinicians, and care teams! The number of devices we are compatible with triples with this merger. This will create more opportunities for PWDs to see and understand data.  AND…these folks are AWESOME and will be a pleasure to work with!”



Rahul Chachare (Chief Architect, Glooko): “I’m excited about this merger because we are going to support a larger user base – the analyzing and learning from this dataset will have massive potential for the diabetes community, and will help us develop more and better products.”

What impact will this merger have on PWDs and their care teams?


Jeff Chang (Product Manager, Glooko): “Coming together enables us to access more PWDs with valuable capabilities that not only enable one to track their glucose, but to get true insights about the impact of their behaviors – diet, exercise, medications and stress – on their overall health – something we call ‘data driven decision support’.”

Richard: “A big pain for both HCPs and PWDs has always been aggregating and overlaying data from different sources. With the merger of Glooko and Diasend, we’ll finally be able to optimize and simplify the lives of both.”

Sebastian: “To me, it is all about user empowerment – that’s a major key to change and improvement. Our merger will enable us to produce tools that are even more functional, smart and easy to use, which in turn will increase the understanding of each individual patient situation. Both for the person with the condition and for their health care provider. Better insights equals better actions, effectively paving the way for increased health and well being.”

Makenzie: “We have a greater opportunity to impact a change in the standard of care in diabetes management for patients of all ages and types of diabetes.”

Rahul: “This merger is going to at least quadruple the rate at which we are learning about diabetes and the remote monitoring of PWDs, which means we’ll get even better about building solutions for PWDs and their care teams.”

Glooko and Diasend – together, we will make diabetes management easier!