Taking on Diabetes Management: Lessons Learned by the Glooko Interns

 interns_group_sitting-on-ledge_b@0,75xAt Glooko, we treat our interns like full time employees – immediately submerging them into the world of diabetes management by having them begin real-world projects. At the end of their internship, interns have completed projects that are actually launched

This summer, we welcomed four new interns to our headquarters in downtown Mountain View, California. Meet Glooko’s Summer Interns – Rachel Martin, Aditya Shah, Will Sternlicht, and Steve Yang.

Our interns become thoroughly educated in diabetes and diabetes management by attending one-on-one sessions with our Product Manager, Jeff Chang, who lives with Type 1 diabetes and serves as our resident expert when it comes to diabetes management and education. With this base of knowledge, our interns grow into their role by working and learning more about the disease and the Glooko business every single day. At the end of their internships, we asked our interns the following questions to get an inside perspective from the next generation of working professionals in healthcare technology:

Will_bioQ: What do you think is the largest challenge in diabetes management?

“As a Type 1 [myself], I pretty much thought I knew it all,… [I] was flabbergasted to learn that some endocrinologists…don’t even look at patient data. How can you possibly help someone manage diabetes if you don’t [look at their data]?” – Will Sternlicht

“Coming from a background [without exposure] to diabetes…I had great learning experiences and conversations with people with diabetes and doctors. For me, I think the biggest challenge is there isn’t [as] much assistance out there as there should be.” – Rachel Martin

“I realized that managing diabetes is not as simple as people may tell you. For example, it is not only just putting more insulin in your body. There are so many tedious tasks that need to be done, and so many professionals who are involved. The largest challenge about diabetes management seems to be organizing and filtering data in a meaningful way so that patients with diabetes can live healthier lives.” – Steve Yang


Q: During your internship at Glooko, what is the most valuable lesson you learned?

“Glooko is not a typical company with a rigid hierarchy. Instead, Glooko itself is structured more like a family and a team. Everyone communicates with each other, sharing and receiving input. There is no wall amongst the engineers, marketing team etc. If you work at Glooko, you do not need to be shy or nervous because the team is there for you.” – Steve Yang

“How important it is to work with others, in and outside of the field that you are working in. Specifically, for design, it has been incredibly valuable working with designers, Doctors/MA’s, marketing team, engineers and the QA team so that we can design a beautiful, user-friendly product.” – Rachel Martin

steve-and-aditya_collaborating_a Q: How do you think your work will impact people with diabetes or their health care providers?

“My favorite project has been working on a few features for the next web release…and building a dashboard to give more insights into product analytics.” – Aditya Shah

“Right now, my favorite project that I have worked on has been designing some of the new screens!” – Rachel Martin

“I got to work a lot on Amazon’s Redshift with…the Croatian team. Interacting with different people from various backgrounds helped learning about Amazon’s Redshift so much more fun.” – Steve Yang


Q: What was your favorite part about interning at Glooko?

“I love the startup culture and the people who work at Glooko! Everyone here brings something fun to the table, which makes each workday something to look forward to.” – Rachel Martin

“My favorite part about interning at Glooko was working in the amazing startup culture and interacting with not only amazing engineers, but also with people in different fields like marketing, sales and UX design.” – Aditya Shah

“My favorite part about interning at Glooko was interacting with people. I cannot emphasize enough about how great everyone at Glooko is. It is really a family environment.”- Steve Yang

“I think my favorite part of working at Glooko was the feeling that I was having a visible impact upon how the company thinks about the product.”  – Will Sternlicht


Q: As your internship at Glooko is coming to an end, do you see yourself continuing to work in healthcare? Why or why not?

“Working at Glooko has really made me see the importance of the healthcare sector and has made me [want to] continue working in healthcare because I feel that my work is helping improve people’s lives.”- Aditya Shah (Shah has been hired as a part time intern while he continues his studies at San Jose State University, California).

“I definitely see myself continuing to work in healthcare. I come from a family history of medical problems and I really do want to make a difference. I have been helped by so many people and I wish to do the same for the current and future generations.” – Steve Yang

“This is a field that I have found myself to be very passionate about…I definitely want to continue to work in the healthcare industry, especially because I feel like the work I am doing is helping better people’s lives.” – Rachel Martin

As summer 2016 is coming to an end, we are sad to see our interns leave our headquarters and head back to college. Over the past three months, Glooko interns have helped enhance and create new features across all our products which we are eager to release to the public soon.

We wish all our interns the best of luck continuing their studies and working on real-world projects that can better our community and our world.

Robin Beadle