How to Manage the Inevitable: Data Burnout

Diabetes is a condition of numbers– blood glucose, basal rates, carb counts, ratios, sliding scales, the list goes on.

And even for an engineer, it is exhausting.

A person without diabetes might think of diabetes exhaustion and simply think of it like a tiring day–drink a little coffee, turn some music on, open a window, and push through.

However, this exhaustion often isn’t the standard– we sometimes call it “burnout.”

Too many numbers, too many things to think about, non-ideal results–reasons for burnout are endless but the result is often the same: it’s very easy to simply toss aside management practices in periods of burnout.

I started using Glooko some time ago simply for the easy insights I could get from seeing graphs and charts of my blood glucose trends. As an engineer, I love all things visual and Glooko gave me the graphics fix I was seeking.

It was senior year of college, second semester, and stress was high. As a result, blood sugars were not cooperating, and the vicious stress-BG cycle began. Then burnout hit. I was just feeling exhausted.

I decided to take off my CGM for a break from the data bombardment and began checking my BG on a glucometer more frequently. I was happy to see the number disappear from the screen as soon as I pulled the test strip. I just couldn’t bare to look any longer than I needed to.

However, the Glooko app made my burnout a little easier that time around– I simply plugged my meter into the MeterSync Blue a couple times a week, let it do it’s business, and the data was all there–waiting for me in the future when I was ready to look at it.The integration that Glooko provides for my meter is so simple–so intuitive–that I managed to plug it in for a few seconds a few times a week to sync back up all the data.

No, I wasn’t ready to be looking and analyzing my graphs at that point in time.

But, my burnout is over now. And man am I grateful be able to use Glooko to look back and see some teachable moments.

Robin Beadle