Announcing Glooko Advise

In a recent meeting that our team had with members of a large foundation that funds million of dollars of diabetes research and development, the leader of that organization said to us:

“Artificial Pancreas and new pharmaceuticals to reduce reliance on constant insulin injections will take time…and WE CAN’T WAIT! We need to start to use data today for practical and impactful ways to make the lives of people with diabetes easier.”

Shortly after that meeting we got funded to expand our platform so that algorithms that leverage data to make treatment recommendations could be brought to market fast. That brings us to TODAY!

While we are participating in many AP and innovative pharma trials, we are focusing on what we can do TODAY and fast to help people with diabetes (PWDs) and care teams dramatically improve daily life.

We’ve invested literally millions of dollars in safely and scalably integrating with over 50 diabetes devices – representing over 90% of the diabetes devices in the market. We’ve made the data from these devices available to PWD on their mobile devices so they could use it to make better daily decisions and to care teams via our Population Tracker to enable better advice.

Today we announce that we have gone a step further. Today we announced Glooko Advise which includes a Personal Advisor and a Clinical Advisor designed to continue our quest to make diabetes management easier

glooko_home_screen_iphone_gold_Glooko Personal Advisor aims to help PWDs better understand their retrospective diabetes data and improve daily decisions by using proprietary pattern recognition algorithms to recognize trends and deliver targeted educational content based on those trends. Personal Advisor will identify numerous trends including PWD’s ‘Best Day’, the ‘Time of Day’ when glucose runs high or low, and ‘Summary Statistics’ that recognizes improvements or regressions in the Average BG and frequency of highs, lows, and in range readings.

Glooko Clinical Advisor will include both AACE guidelines and clinical algorithms that, once initialized and approved by a clinician, can aid the clinician to more effectively optimize diabetes therapy in the weeks or months between in-clinic appointments. Glooko will demonstrate products within Clinical Advisor that enable:

1) Mobile Insulin Dosing Using Glooko’s Mobile Insulin Dosing system (MIDS), clinicians can configure an insulin prescription for PWDs starting on long-acting insulin using a standard or custom insulin titration method based on the AACE guidelines. After the configuration, Glooko’s Mobile App will automatically prompt, recommend and remind PWDs of insulin adjustments based on glucose readings and the insulin titration configuration defined by their clinician.

2) Insulin Pump Settings AdjustmentsGlooko’s first built-in 3rd party algorithm developed by DreaMed Diabetes recommends adjustments to critical insulin-pump settings, including basal rates and insulin-to-carb ratios. Through the Glooko interface and leveraging Glooko’s easy data syncing and management platform, clinicians can review DreaMed algorithm recommendations and make therapeutic regimen decisions. Within a patient record in the Glooko Population Tracker, the clinician can approve, adjust, or prevent the recommendations from being delivered to the patient.

We are excited about these new offerings and will be demonstrating them in booth #811 at the ADA this weekend while our data science and development teams back in California work on more!


Robin Beadle