Glooko’s Innovation Story at the Advanced Technologies and Treatments (ATTD) Conference in Milan

This week Glooko will be presenting at the 8th annual  International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes in beautiful Milan, Italy. Besides fabulous art, amazing architecture and expensive hotels, Milan offers a central place for experts from around the world to come-together to discuss how technology and science is being pointed towards improving the lives of people with diabetes.

Clinical Outcomes of Remote Monitoring – Poster Presentation

DGDPosterScreenShotWe are thrilled to have two specific entries in this years event where Glooko’s innovation is being highlighted. During the poster sessions, Glooko will be presenting our poster on the results of a project that used Glooko for remote management of an adult, Type 2 diabetes population experiencing glycemic control issues. The concept of remote monitoring in diabetes management is increasingly discussed by Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), capitated health systems, and payers as a tool for improving quality of patient care while lowering costs. mHealth solutions that leverage data from patients’ existing diabetes devices can facilitate broader diabetes population management and remote monitoring; however, little substantive research has been conducted to understand the value of mHealth-driven clinical interactions on patient outcomes in diabetes. In order to show the impact, we partnered with the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic (DGD) and principal investigator, Dr. Jerome Fischer in San Antonio, TX to clinically validate it. The insights from this project are outlined in the poster and if you are at ATTD, the poster is worth a visit! If you are not at the conference, you can download the details here.

Mobile and Web Based Decision Support – Symposium Presentation

If you plan to be at the event – don’t miss our Saturday presentation on Mobile and Web Based Insulin Decision Support. The symposium session will touch on recent innovations that enable patients and clinicians to make better and faster decisions using data to improve glycemic control. The session will discuss how web and mobile technologies that include remote download of diabetes data from blood glucose meters, pumps (e.g., Medtronic/Minimed, Insulet/Omnipod), CGMs (e.g., Medtronic, Dexcom and Libre) and exercise trackers (e.g., Fitbit) can optimize insulin decision support. The use of algorithms, dosing calculators, standard protocols and more will be discussed.

Exciting Announcement

Finally, if you haven’t seen it already, Glooko also announced today our participation in an innovative project aimed at vastly improving the insulin management paradigm currently experienced by over 30 million people with type 1 diabetes globally, about 35% of whom currently use insulin pumps. The project sets out to integrate DreaMed’s MD-Logic Pump Advisor into Glooko’s platform enabling recently downloaded insulin pump data to be used for patterns which yield data-driven recommendations on critical insulin pump-related settings, including basal rates and insulin-to-carb ratios. DreaMed’s recommendations will be made available to clinicians via Glooko’s Population Management application, which allows clinicians to review the therapeutic basis for DreaMed’s recommendation and make adjustments. Once approved, the recommendations will be made available via the Glooko app on the PWD’s mobile phone. Cool stuff.

We hope to see you in Milan! Ciao!

Robin Beadle