A New Day for Omnipod Insulin Pump Users

Early in January, Insulet announced that they are providing Glooko for free to the patients and care teams that use the Omnipod. This news is very exciting for our company as it means Glooko will be deployed to Endocrinology offices around the country as the downloading solution for Insulet’s Omnipod Insulin Pump and will be provided to thousands of Omnipod users as their solution to download at home. As a Glooko employee, I am ecstatic to see that our product is going to impact so many people with diabetes.

Outside of working for Glooko, I have been an Omnipod user for over five years. I want to explain why this news is exciting for all of us Omnipod users and how we can take advantage of the program.

What does this partnership mean?

The Glooko and Insulet partnership is focused on providing Omnipod users with the ability to see their insulin delivery data alongside their blood glucose data from both a CGM and/or their BG meters right from their mobile phone while “on-the-go”. Users can also add-in exercise data through direct integration with apps like the Fitbit and can easily log their diet with Glooko’s extensive food database. At the same time, that data is made available “in the cloud” for the care team to be able to support their patients. Glooko’s diabetes management software depicts the data it in meaningful charts and graphs that enable better self-management and provide  care teams with the information needed to truly understand how to help improve the lives of those of us with diabetes..

The Glooko roll out with Insulet includes three key products under the umbrella “Insulet Provided Glooko”: the Glooko Kiosk, the Glooko Mobile App and the Glooko Population Tracker (accessed at My.Glooko.com).

Glooko Kiosk enables diabetes care teams to have a reliable in-clinic solution for downloading data from the Omnipod Pump, the Dexcom CGM and from 40+ blood glucose meters.

Glooko Mobile App enables us “Poders” to track our insulin data, next to our glucose data, right on our mobile phone. It also enables us to track exercise, diet and medications and it includes reminders that pop-up discretely right on the phone.

Glooko Population Tracker gives the care team online access to a view of their whole population of patients organized by those who are most at-risk along with amazing reports that correlates glucose to insulin, carbs and exercise, as well as shows things like the impact of suspends, temp basal increases and decreases. Reports can be viewed online and printed. Through the same url (My.Glooko.com) patients can access their reports too.

Finally Data for our Appointments!

There’s a common story that has occurred among Insulin Pumpers during their endocrinology visits. It goes like this:

“I had an endocrinology appointment and the office wasn’t able to download my data. We didn’t have as much to discuss without the data….”

Endocrinologists, CDEs, and Medical Assistants tell the other side of the story.

I had a patient come in with a certain device. We recently went through an IT upgrade and the software the rep provided us with is no longer compatible with our computer. My staff couldn’t download the data and it made it tough to truly understand how the patient is doing…”

Both of these stories, today, are sadly common for Omnipod users and their care teams. But this partnership changes all of this! Now our appointments will be focused on a real conversation of our data and how we can make changes to improve. We all know that the 7-15 minutes we actually get with our Endo goes by in the minute…now we can go back to our reports and review the insights and advice when we get home. It’s been an amazing change for me since I have started using Glooko and will be truly transformational for Ominpod Pumpers who take advantage of this amazing tool that Insulet is providing to use – free of charge!

How are we doing this? Over the course of the next few months, Territory Managers from Insulet are going to their accounts and providing them with Glooko Kiosks as their Omnipod downloading solution. These kiosks are Android Tablets that come with the supplies to download the Omnipod, Dexcom CGMs, and over 40 Blood Glucose Meters to Glooko! All of the data is then synthesized into easy to read reports that provide our care team the data they need for our appointments!

Glooko Kiosk

Data on the Go!
I have a confession to make. I only downloaded my Omnipod data at home once before joining Glooko. I have always been a Mac person and Insulet never had a solution that enabled me to download my data outside of my doctor’s appointment. Until I got the Dexcom, the only data I used to self-manage were the BG trends and graphs that are built-in to the Omnipod.

Omnipod Image 1       Omnipod Image 3

The built-in graphs are useful, however it doesn’t enable me to dig deeper and find my specific trends such as going low on Wednesday nights due to spin class.

In June of last year, I was able to use Glooko to view my Ominpod data for the first time (that’s when Glooko released our integration with the Omnipod). It was eye-opening seeing my blood glucose data and insulin pump data on an easy to view chart. I identified that I was running higher on Monday nights and was able to dig into each specific Monday to learn why.

At that point, I hoped other Omnipod users would get the chance to view their data in the same way I had. Insulet recognized that Omnipod users wanted a solution that provides this level of insights and Insulet Provided Glooko became a reality.

I have inserted an image below of the 24-hour view graph on Glooko as well as the CGM Trend graph. These graphs give a picture of how we synthesize all the different data into comprehensive and valuable graphs. They are definitely a bit more colorful too than the ones I use to use on the Omnipod PDM!

CGM Modal Day    Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 6.11.33 PM

The ability to access your data has never been easier for the Omnipod User. You can sync your Omnipod to Glooko on a Mac or PC as well as on select Android phones. You can also download your Dexcom data to Glooko through your iPhone or an Android device. Here is a link to an article in the Glooko Help Center which goes over how to sync Omnipod and Dexcom to Glooko.

At the end of the day, we choose our diabetes devices in order to live a healthy and happy life. I chose to use the Omnipod as the insulin pump works well with my active lifestyle. Insulet Provided Glooko is another item that makes life a bit easier for the Omnipod by providing every user with our diabetes data management solution.