Glooko Year In Review

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It has been a great year for Glooko and we wanted to take a few moments to thank our users, both people with diabetes and their care teams, for being innovative and using data to improve daily diabetes decision making. As we reflect on 2015 and look forward to the New Year, we wanted to summarize some of our key accomplishments. Early in 2016, we will share some of our vision for the year and the exciting things we have planned to help make diabetes management easier!

We end 2015 with many product achievements! Below are the highlights:

*Glooko added support for over 10 new meters and now we integrate data from 50+ popular diabetes devices to allow people to more easily see patterns in their glucose data and make positive improvements to their health.

*This year Glooko became compatible with its first pump and CGM, the Insulet OmniPod® pump and Dexcom CGM! This integration came along with new reports that enable users to correlate glucose data with insulin, carbs and exercise as well as see the frequency and effects of temp basals and site changes to optimize diabetes routines.

*Bluetooth glucose meters are a new wave in diabetes innovation and Glooko has joined the movement. Through our efforts in 2015, Glooko now integrates with the ACCU-CHEK Aviva Connect and Nipro TRUE METRIX AIR Bluetooth meter, which makes way for a truly wireless experience as glucose data is automatically synced from these devices to Glooko.

*For healthcare providers, we know how difficult it is to download patient diabetes data quickly and efficiently. In 2015, we delivered a new, improved and turnkey Glooko Kiosk which makes it easy to sync data in-clinic so patients and providers can spend more time collaborating on care adjustments that are individualized during their appointments.

*And just in time for the holiday festivities, we  released a new update that includes integration with the Dexcom G5 and the FreeStyle Precision Neo.

In 2015, Glooko also presented interesting and positive health outcomes from people who use Glooko for remote monitoring people Type-2 diabetes.

*At the Diabetes Technology Meeting in October, Glooko was featured in a poster presentation on the effectiveness of remotely monitoring Type 2 diabetes patients using Glooko. The pilot was conducted at the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic (DGD) in San Antonio, TX. Participants who experienced 3 or more Glooko-facilitated remote clinical interactions with a nurse practitioner experienced significantly better improvement in mean blood glucose compared to the control group.

*If you attend the 2016 ATTD in February we will be presenting more outcomes there…so stay tuned!

We are pleased with the progress we’ve made and have many more plans in store for 2016. We’re happy that others are recognizing the importance of empowering patients in their self-care and facilitating care collaborations between patients and providers.

*In 2015 Glooko was part of FierceMedicalDevices 2015 Fierce 15 as well as won top honors in the Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition for Population Health Management/Patient Engagement Solutions and Best in Show: Fiercest New Product/Service.

We couldn’t have made it this far without you! Please continue to give us feedback and to keep using Glooko! Our goal is to build a platform that helps better manage diabetes and your continued support and feedback helps us achieve that.

We have plenty more in store for 2016 (including Medtronic integration and enhanced decision support features to name a few) and we look forward to sharing them with you. New Year’s resolution or not, whether you’re a person with diabetes, a family member, a healthcare professional or a care team member, we hope Glooko helps you better manage diabetes and have a successful and healthy New Year!  Cheers!

Robin Beadle