5 Things to Learn About How Insulin Affects You

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If you have diabetes, or know someone who does, looking at diabetes data can have a profound impact on daily decision making. It can help to guide a broad range of decisions including what to order on a menu, what the best time of day and type of exercise has the biggest and best impact and how much insulin is ideal for an individual to take at different times.

We’ve pulled together a really interesting webinar for Omnipod Insulin Pump users (and really for anyone taking insulin) about the things they can learn using Glooko. The webinar will discuss all of the key features and benefits of Insulet Provided Glooko and will give you real world examples of how it can be used.

Below are 5 key things you will learn during the Insulet Provided Glooko webinar:

1) Key Reasons Why You Go High:

In the presentation we will specifically review charts that show both by time of day and day of week when you go high. We will review how insulin, diet and exercise drives your highs and lows so you can see specifically under what conditions you might go high.

2) Key Times of Day and Days of Week With the Most Glycemic Variability:

Mapping glucose readings from CGMs and BG meters is standard in Glooko and being able to see cuts of your day by both time of day and day of week, overlaid on each other in the Glooko “Modal Day” graphs quickly illuminates times when you experience your most and least glycemic variability.

3) The Impact of Temp Basal Increases and Decreases:

In the Glooko Insights reports, we show the impact on glucose hours before and after temp basal increases and decreases. If you tend to modulate your basal rates, even occasionally, this set of charts and analytics will give you a really good idea as to the impact of your temp basal change choices and how you can optimize them.

4) How Exercise Impacts Your Blood Sugar:

We are all told to exercise more by our care team, but what kind of exercise and when to do it is up to us. During the webinar, we will show you reports and analytics that show which exercise activity had the biggest impact on your blood sugar and how modulation of diet and insulin during exercise can impact your readings.

5) About What Your A1C Will Likely Be At Your Next Office Visit:

Your A1C is function of your glucose levels over the last three months, weighted heavier to the most recent readings. Glooko helps users tracking blood glucose overtime. Through the Glooko reports, users can see their average BG over a variety of periods of time. By reviewing BG readings from the last three months, users can get an early indicator of what their A1C will likely be.

Join us for the webinar on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST – particularly given any person who uses the Omnipod Tubeless Insulin Pump gets access to Glooko included with their pump and anyone who takes insulin can learn something new about how to make their diabetes management easier!
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